The Silent Angel Memorial was founded in 2002 by Mrs. Eileen Bildman whose son, Kevin Clarke, was tragically murdered in St. Mary's County in November of 2001.  Mrs. Bildman's goal was to bring families together to provide comfort, support and resources to those survivors whose lives have been affected by homicide.  The Silent Angel Memorial is a non-profit organization supported by the generosity of individuals, groups, foundations, and corporations.  

The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office hosts an annual tree lighting ceremony to ensure those we love and have lost, will never be forgotten.  The ceremony is a symbol of hope for peace, as family and friends gather to commemorate those they love dearly by placing a personalized engraved silent angel on a tree.  Together, the Silent Angels symbolize hope, goodness, purity, protection, comfort, and consolation.

The tree is displayed throughout the month of December in the lobby of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office located at 23150 Leonard Hall Drive, Leonardtown, Maryland and is place for families, friends, and the greater community to gather to remember and celebrate the lives of those taken by violence.


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P.O Box 1436

Leonardtown, MD 20650




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